Is Romance dead??????

In 2017 , we have hook up apps and speed dating, but where has courtship, romance and love gone?

I know , I know I sound like a mush

Yes, I am a romantic and I always have been. No, I’m not a prude or a virgin, but is it too much to ask to have a guy ask me on a date before he asks my favorite sexual position? I have been blessed I had two great LTR with two great guys , one of which I am still friends with. They asked me out and dated me before we slept together.

Now I can surely find a guy who I can date right? Not recently! Maybe, my standards are too high? Nope, lol, I just want a guy who knows that life can be fun and spontaneous, and boring and repetitive, just everything. LOL. Okay a lil high!! I do not think that a person courting another , spending time really getting to know another is not that big of deal prior to getting into sex.


Did I have my romance? The guys I listed above one started with a look from across a crowed room (bar) , the other kept running into me multiple times. Maybe that was my romance to last a lifetime ???????


Only time will tell

To be continued………






This is about my personal own experience. I watched the movie “The Shack”, I at first thought this was just going to be a drama that I may cry a little. I was sooooooo wrong. I realized how badly I had been holding on to so much baggage. I had been holding in so much anger towards people in my life about events that had happened years ago . It’s time to let go forgive the past so I can enjoy the present and the future. We need to start realizing that there’re is no good or bad and that there really is cause and effect.

Example , you have a relative that you don’t speak to on a regular basis , maybe it’s due to something they said or did to you . Is it really worth one to hold on to it forever? Can we really judge that person based on that situation? We don’t know what that relative has gone through or is going through. We need to learn to forgive. Trust me you feel so much lighter and less stressed.

Nights Thoughts

Granted no one reading this knows me but I’ll give you a quick rundown. I’m a 37-year-old gay male in Florida. Yes, I know not uncommon or different, but I feel the desire to share my thoughts and experiences(of course names and dates will be changed to protect the innocent) kind of lol. I am single and have many stories to share, my hope is to help some people, entertain some and who knows what else. Okay , now that short intro is complete let us move to why tonight’s thoughts. The easy answer is frustration,towards myself and others. To clarify this is not a place I will be complaining, more like sharing what I’ve learned. Tonight’s lesson was don’t expect too much from others, and take care of yourself. Now, before I get some yelling that that’s selfish, I’m not saying don’t care about others but don’t sit and let life pass by because your waiting to see if someone is going to call, show, text. Live your life to the fullest, love a lot and enjoy every minute good, bad, and indifferent


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